Hire surgical tech and OR RNs

How we find OR Nurses and Surgical techs looking for work

    At Transient Health, we are committed to finding the best surgical tech and OR nurses to hire for your hospital’s needs. We use a variety of methods to source, screen, and select qualified candidates for temporary and permanent positions. Some of the ways we find nurses and techs for you are:

  • We partner with accredited schools and programs: We partner with local accredited schools and associations to recruit new graduates and experienced nurses and techs who are interested in working in different settings and locations. We offer them career guidance, training, and support to help them transition smoothly into their new roles.
  • We’re always recruiting in the real world: We attend job fairs, trade shows, and conferences to showcase our services and connect with potential candidates. We also advertise our openings on various online and offline channels, such as job boards, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV.
  • Technology drives our recruitment: We use advanced technology and data analytics to match surgical nurses and techs with the most suitable hospitals based on their skills, experience, preferences, and availability. We also use online platforms and tools to find, conduct interviews, assessments, and background checks.
  • Our network continues to grow: We have a large network of registered nurses and CSTs who are looking for new opportunities and challenges. We reach out to them through email, phone, social media, and referrals from our existing clients and candidates.

When you hire operating room nurses and surgical techs from us, you get more than just staff. You get partners who share your vision and values. By taking the time to vet our candidates carefully, we can be confident that we are providing our clients with the highest quality of care.

Unlocking the best healthcare talent for your organization. Your trusted staffing partner for surgical techs and registered nurses.

Workers with protection

  • ACA compliance
  • COBRA compliance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Insurance
  • Certificate of insurance