Staffing services

At Transient Health, we specialize in providing top-quality healthcare staffing solutions for Surgical Techs and OR Registered Nurses. Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure that healthcare organizations have access to highly qualified professionals in the surgical and perioperative fields. Our experienced team works diligently to match the right candidates with the right opportunities, helping our clients maintain optimal staffing levels and deliver exceptional care to their patients.

Temporary Staffing

We understand that surgical departments often face unexpected fluctuations in staffing needs. Our temporary staffing service provides qualified Surgical Techs and OR Registered Nurses on short-term assignments to cover gaps in your workforce due to vacation, sick leave, seasonal demands, or other unforeseen circumstances. Our flexible solutions ensure that your organization maintains optimal staffing levels and continues to provide safe and efficient surgical care to your patients.

Permanent Placement

Finding the right Surgical Techs and OR Registered Nurses to join your team on a permanent basis is crucial to the success of your surgical department. Our permanent placement service streamlines the recruitment process by identifying and thoroughly vetting highly qualified candidates who are the right fit for your organization’s culture, values, and requirements. Our rigorous screening process and extensive candidate database allow us to present you with top-tier candidates who can make a long-term impact on your surgical team.

Executive Search

For leadership positions in surgical departments, finding the right talent with the right skills and experience is crucial. Our executive search service specializes in identifying and recruiting top-tier executives, directors, and other leadership positions within the surgical and perioperative fields. Our extensive network, industry knowledge, and proven search methodologies enable us to identify and attract top talent who can drive the success of your surgical team.

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Specialized Expertise

Our team of healthcare staffing experts specializes in surgical and perioperative staffing. We understand the unique skills, qualifications, and requirements of Surgical Techs and OR Registered Nurses, and we have a deep understanding of the surgical and perioperative fields. You can trust us to provide highly qualified candidates who are knowledgeable and experienced in these specialties.

Personalized Approach

We take the time to understand your organization’s needs, culture, and values to ensure that we identify candidates who are the right fit. We work closely with you to develop customized staffing plans that align with your strategic goals and help you achieve success in your surgical department.

Rigorous Screening Process

We have a comprehensive screening process in place to thoroughly vet all candidates, including verifying their credentials, checking references, and conducting interviews and assessments. Our meticulous screening process ensures that you receive highly qualified candidates who meet your organization’s requirements.

Robust Candidate Database

We maintain an extensive database of qualified Surgical Techs and OR Registered Nurses, allowing us to quickly match candidates to your staffing needs. Our database is regularly updated to ensure that we have access to the best talent in the surgical and perioperative fields.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the staffing process. Our team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have and provide ongoing support to ensure your satisfaction.